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The White man of God. Continuare.
septembrie 17, 2010, 4:17 pm
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When the sun was beginning to go down, the white man arrived with his entourage. He shook hands with the Fon and smiled. The Fon smiled back at him and regarded the white’s man hand in his grip with amazement. Then he waved him to seat. For a time neither he nor the Fon seemed to have anything to say to the other. He appeared tired. After some time the Fon gave him some palm wine and he drunk it with delight. This produced some amusement among the crowd around.

Then the Fon asked, „Is it only your hands and head that are white or your whole body?”

One of his followers interpreted the question. He smiled, then unbottoned his shirt and bared his hairy chest. The crowd shouted in surprise and pushed forward to see. This amused him and he removed his upper row of teeth and then bared his gums which were like those of a sheep. Some people ran away and the chief called the medicine-men to come.

„You said that this man was a pig! See what he is doing. What simple man can do this?” The people were surprised but insisted that as far as they could find out, the man had only two ordinary eyes. […]

When it was dark the white man said he would like to go to rest in bed for he had travelled far. He was shown the house prepared for him. […]

They had not been away long when one of the Fon’s pages ran to them to report excitedly that that man had manufactured sunlight in his house.

„He has created sunlight in his house!”

„How?” the Fon asked in great fright and the fright was shared with his counsellors.

„He has caused the sun to shine in his house. He has a piece of the sun, the sun exactly as it is, only much smaller, but shining with the same brilliance.” […]

„What is this?” the Fon asked him. The white man’s fear cleared up when he noticed that it was his light which had drawn the crowd.

„It is a lamp,” he replied.

„A sun or a lamp? Where was it when you came?”

„It was in my box.”

„It was in the box? And it didn’t burn the box?”

He laughed bt noticed that the people were serious and really concerned. He didn’t like the way they were looking at him.

„No, it wasn’t lit then. Then he explained how it was lit. He took a box of matches, took out one stick, struck it and a fire glowed in the dark house. Some people ran back. Then he lit the tilley lamp. He thought he had given a practical, simple illustration of how the lamp was lit, but his explanation had added to the confusion. What type of stick was it that struck against a small box so that it produced fire? What sort of a man was he?

„What kind of magic do you want to show us?” the Fon asked with anger in his voice.

„It is not magic,” he said. You can take this box of matches for yourself. I have some more in the box.

The Fon thanked him, but you could hear suspicion in his voice. Then he asked the white man: „Are you sure this thing will not explode one day when we are asleep and burn the house?”

„No, no, not until you strike it.”

The Fon said to the interpreter: „Ask him why he left his country so very far away, across the great lakes?”

„I am just walking about to see the world, to see peoples of different parts of the world, that’s all.”

„Just to see places and different peoples of the world! That’s interesting. But the eye is like the earth, never ever satisfied with what it receives.”


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Asta negrii supăraţi că nu le ies drumurile şi clădirile ca la albi îşi manifestă complexele în scris 🙂

Poate mai scrii ceva despre forfecuţă şi relaţiile lor… 🙂

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